An open cloud-based platform for multisource geovisual data management and AI-powered analytics.
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Extract Valuable Insights from Geospatial Data

Intel® Geospatial fuses remote sensor data collected from satellites, planes, drones, and Mobileye-equipped vehicles together with AI-powered analytics and high-performance data processing and management.

Designed to meet the unique challenges of processing, storing, and streaming multisource geovisual data, our cloud-based data management platform enables a wide range of cost-effective solutions.

Our web-based Intel Geospatial Explorer brings geovisual data to life with real-world 3D environments and a suite of tools that allow users to layer datasets, perform analysis, and share actionable insights.

Solve high-value use cases with AI-powered analytics from Intel as well as certified third-party partners. Capabilities include object detection and classification, 3D reconstruction, and spatial analysis.

Built for today, ready for tomorrow, our platform unlocks the value of geovisual data with near limitless use case and analytic potential, open interfaces, and encodings for third-party developers.

Geospatial Solutions for Enterprise and Government

Available by subscription, our platform supports multiple industries and use cases. Get in touch to see how we can address your business needs.

Store and Manage Multisource Data

Breakdown data silos and store multisource geovisual data in a single, cloud-based repository that’s both accessible and easy to search.

View in 3D and Analyze with AI

Our desktop- and mobile-accessible user interface lets everyone from engineers to field workers view imagery and use AI to analyze data in an immersive 3D environment.

Report and Transfer Results

Streamline enterprise workflows with the seamless transfer of data and analytic results between platforms, including EAM/ERP and GIS.


Access a wide range of high-resolution geovisual data, including up-to-date aerial imagery as well as mobility data collected by Intel® Mobileye-equipped vehicles.
Our data libraries can be used on their own or combined with your existing datasets for enriched insights.

Answer Key Questions With Visual Data

Extract valuable insights faster and more accurately with our platform’s powerful AI analytics.

Empowering Digital Transformations

Our user-friendly platform enables enterprise and government agencies to harness the power of the cloud to extract insights from geovisual data faster and more accurately than ever before.

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