Geovisual Analytics at Scale

Our platform seamlessly orchestrates and synchronizes a wide variety of analytics techniques to enable our ever-expanding marketplace of partner applications. 

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Replace time-consuming manual analysis with AI-powered techniques for fast and accurate asset health checks, risk classification, and predictive intelligence.

Computer Vision

Automate the interpretation and classification of AI-detected attributes with powerful computer vision tools.

3D Reconstruction

Visualize elevations, measure distance, and count objects in immersive 3D environments created from multisource geospatial data.

System of Record Correlation

Ensure data accuracy with system of record tools designed to correlate and reconcile AI-produced results with public and private records.

ANALYTICS Integration

Our AI workflow orchestrator allows users to augment our platform with use case-specific analytics from ISVs and in-house developers.

  • Parallel Orchestration: Our workflow orchestrator enables the synchronization of multiple analytics techniques as well as third-party applications.
  • Modular Workflow Design: Our modular approach enables workflow consistency with components that can be mixed, matched, and reused.
  • Preconfigured Recipes: We provide solution-based configurations for fast and efficient deployments and reconfigurations.