Aerial Imagery for Wildfire Recovery

Intel Geospatial presentation video describing how one utility used a combination of aerial imagery including satellite analysis, high-resolution orthoimagery, and UAV inspection photos to determine the extent of damage after a 2020 Labor Day wildfire in the state of Oregon.

The presentation entitled “Aerial Imagery for Wildfire Recovery” delivered as part of the T&DWorld POWER UP Series on Wildfire + Risk Mitigation on April 27, 2021, shows how visual-based information assisted the utility company in determining the extent of the wildfire damage, what equipment required immediate replacement or maintenance, and what trees represented hazards and needed priority removal, among other actions. 

The multisource data analysis and reporting enabled by the Intel Geospatial Platform helped the utility prioritize their recovery efforts and apply for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance recovery funds.