intel geospatial multisource data support

Intel Geospatial Partner Program for Data Service Providers

SANTA CLARA, C.A. — May 19, 2021 —The Intel Geospatial Data Service Provider (DSP) Partner Program is a new initiative that provides an easy, economical way for data service providers to enhance the value of the multisource geospatial data they collect and deliver to customers.

Until today, the Intel Geospatial Platform has only been available as SaaS to asset owners and enterprise businesses including utilities, oil and gas operators, insurance companies, and city governments. Now, Intel Geospatial is making its data management and AI platform available as subscription packages for service provider businesses that collect geospatial imagery using UAVs, drones, planes, vehicles, and more. To help streamline and improve project delivery, the cloud-based Intel Geospatial Platform enables service providers to manage, visualize, and analyze multisource geospatial imagery and LiDAR across projects and customers.

In addition to using the Intel Geospatial Platform for project delivery, businesses that participate in the program have the opportunity to generate additional revenue through subscription referral bonuses and can benefit from Intel Geospatial partner marketing programs.  Below is a brief overview of the software capabilities and business benefits.

Intel Geospatial Platform Benefits
This scalable, cost-efficient solution helps organizations break down silos, analyze data with the power of AI, and optimize inspection workflows to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Manage and Visualize Project Data All in One Place
Improve data management for multi-source geospatial data across projects and customers.

  • Store and host georeferenced visual data in the cloud
  • Visualize, collaborate, and share datasets in a 3D geospatial globe environment
  • Manage user access across multiple organizations, projects, and areas of responsibility
  • Use Workspaces to organize project-specific datasets

Efficiently Conduct Asset Inspections with AI-Assisted Workflows
Use the Intel Geospatial Inspector and AI-powered analysis to help speed T&D utility asset visual inspections.

  • Automatically relate georeferenced images to asset record information (e.g. pole ID’s)
  • Run AI analysis to detect and count electrical components for each pole/tower
  • Choose AI from the Intel Geospatial Marketplace or plug in custom AI for additional analysis
  • Utilize Intel Geospatial Inspector tools to complete visual inspections
  • Prioritize and categorize identified issues for corrective actions
  • Monitor project progress using the inspection dashboard

Enhance Deliverables and the Customer Experience
Enable your customers to explore, review, and visualize imagery, models, inspection results, and reports all in one place.

  • Store and host multiple data collections for your customers
  • Organize inspection images by asset and display in 2D maps and 3D world views
  • Provide customers with tools to visualize, annotate, and collaborate on project data in real time
  • Provide access to and downloads of data deliverables in standard formats

Intel Geospatial Service Provider Program Benefits

Harness the Intel Geospatial Platform to add new revenue streams for your business and increase your market presence through the Intel Geospatial Partner Program. Offer competitive pricing to your clients and enjoy financial and promotional incentives as a silver, gold, or platinum member.

Partner Program BenefitsSilverGoldPlatinum
Your company logo featured on the Intel Geospatial Partner page
Preview of pre-release (beta) features
Direct customer support from the Intel Geospatial Help Center
Training/onboarding for using the platform to deliver data to customers and best practices
Access to the Intel Geospatial Help Center and online technical support tools
Earn 15% on any platform subscriptions sold to end customers
Showcased as a preferred service provider on the Intel Geospatial website
Customized customer reports
Opportunity to qualify for a case study to be published and promoted by Intel
Participate in new capabilities workshops to help influence new features
Additional 5% rebate on the purchase price of end customer packages
Market development credits for marketing campaigns and other activities

Getting Started

1. To get started with the Intel Geospatial Platform and learn more about the DSP Partner Program, visit intelgeospatial.local/data-service-provider-application/. Complete the short form and tell us a little about your business.
2. An Intel Geospatial business development representative will contact you to qualify your business as a potential DSP Partner.
3. Once qualified, annual subscriptions start as low as $5,750 USD.

To learn more about Intel Geospatial, visit intelgeospatial.local.