SOLUTIONS spanning use cases & industries

Use Cases

Geovisual data management

Multisource data aggregation and preparation made easy.

  • Automate data uploads, validation, indexing, and processing
  • Visualize, collaborate, and share geovisual datasets within a 3D environment
  • Prepare geovisual data for AI workflows

Visual inspection and analysis

Use AI for visual object recognition and to automatically score and prioritize risks.

  • Visually inspect assets and attached components
  • Enable AI-assisted risk assessment
  • Review and validate risk recommendations

Asset records correlation

Determine asset location, evaluate asset condition, and verify asset inventory at scale.

  • Geolocate assets via drone inspection
  • Use AI to automatically inventory assets
  • Export inspection and analysis results

Vegetation management

Track vegetation encroachment, help ensure compliance, and generate reports.

  • Identify risks to grid interruption or wildfires
  • Extract critical spots and prioritize insights
  • Continuously monitor ground height changes


Electric T&D

  • Manage assets at scale

  • Streamline operations and lower costs

  • Reduce service interruption risk

Oil & Gas

  • Proactively¬†monitor¬†environment for oil spills

  • Get a clear picture of assets in service

  • Build enhanced geovisual intelligence

Smart Cities

  • View asset inventory on a city scale

  • Get automated maintenance alerts

  • Optimize city infrastructure services

White Paper

Geovisual Data Management for Utilities

For many years, utilities have understood the value that lies locked within geovisual data. To access that value, utilities have to unify their data into one system to run analytics. Read this white paper to learn about best practices for this data management requirement.